Awards Eligibility Post – 2022

It’s that time of year again. Below is a list of the short fiction that was published this year. This was a hectic year, with not a lot of short fiction writing completed…with my focus falling on completing my 2nd short story collection ‘Soft Reboot’ and my NSFW novella ‘Return the Rose’. Also wrote a 2nd novella, which with any luck might come out next year.

English language Short Fiction

Also, my short story ‘All Through the House’, adapted into the award-winning episode of Netflix’s ‘Love, Death & Robots’, was re-published in the LD+R anthology this year, with this stunning cover. Find it here.

Also, this December will see the release of my 2nd short story collection, ‘Soft Reboot’, which features 18 short stories collected in one volume. Find more about it here:

Dutch Language Short Fiction

I had two short stories come out in my native language, which I do intend to write more of at a later point.

Japanese Language Short Fiction

This year I had 5 short stories released in Japanese in the anthology Ephemeral Voice, edited by Yukari Kousaka. Find it at the links below. (cover art by Kashima)

This year was one of new challenges, both writing and personal. I hope this next year will allow for similar breakthroughs and see more publications on my end.

Be kind to one another.


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