Awards eligible stories 2021

It has been a year. The pandemic still had us all in its grasp. Our beloved cat Sam passed away. I moved into a new place. My short story ‘All Through the House‘ was adapted as an episode of Love, Death & Robots on Netflix, which is still wild to me. And I released my first short story collection, as found here.

This year I’ve also had a number of publications eligible for awards. And with the collection finished, I see myself going back to writing more short stories and some other projects as well.

Short stories:

Planet Scumm #10, -featuring ‘A Little Galaxy’


Mythical Creatures of Asia – featuring 3 drabbles of mine

Non-English publications:

Little Songs – featuring ‘It Watches the Stars for Us’ and other translated drabbles

It Watches the Stars for Us – Little Songs Anthology (Japanese Language Publication) – August 2021

Thanks for reading and being there. Be well as we venture into 2022. I’ll see you there.


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